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About The Clinic

At Northwest Naturopathy, Dr. Van Buren treats patients as individuals with unique needs, of which cannot be pigeon-holed. The human body is an interrelated set of systems, one affecting another. The philosophy of naturopathic medicine highlights this interrelated nature of the body, maintaining that with the right supportive care, the body inherently has the wisdom to heal itself from illness. 


As with Conventional Medicine, medical algorithms & standard of care are consulted, discussed, & used in medical decision making. Yet Dr. Van Buren goes above & beyond, taking an integrative, multi-faceted approach, utilizing a variety of modalities in each patient's treatment care plan; the plans address patients as unique individuals, at times using outside-the-box approaches specific to the patient. 

Northwest Naturopathy has become known for Dr. Van Buren's thorough, exceptional care, as well as the compassionate, friendly environment her office provides. Patients know they come first. Scheduling is designed to be flexible to accommodate patient's work & school schedules. Payment plans &/or sliding scales are available, as needed. Nothing should hold a patient back from receiving the care they deserve.

Take a look at Dr. Van Buren's bio to review her extensive background of 20+ years experience in global health & integrative healthcare.

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