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Even two minutes of silence helps to shift the brain and body into rest and digest mode


  • Research shows even two minutes of silence a few times per day helps to shift the brain and body into parasympathetic mode (rest and digest). Research also indicates that silence is preferable to calming music. This has been measured via blood pressure and cerebral blood flow.

  • Consider taking a two-minute silence break and either closing your eyes or staring at something simple (e.g. a dot on a piece of paper) a few times during your work day, as needed between projects, lectures, etc. Interestingly, historical medical research indicates there is a reason "cavemen" stared into fires at night; it was considered meditative and helped to rest and reset their brains after a day of hunting and gathering.

  • A walk or sitting in nature, or inside with live plants, decreased clutter, and no distraction of cell phones also seems to promote a parasympathetic response.

  • Consider using a meditation app. If you need suggestions, email Dr. Van Buren for ideas.

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